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BlackBerry Today – Can You Hum Into It

Episode 11 of BlackBerry Today is out!  We went a little long in this episode as we had lots to talk about.  As usual, we chat about apps, tips, news and more!  Be sure and check it out!

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BlackBerry Today – Episode 9 – Get Bold!

Episode 9 of BlackBerry Today is now out. The title of the episode is “Get Bold!”, those of you who read this blog because of the Lotus Notes association may get that little joke. Of course, we’re talking about the BlackBerry Bold 9930!

We have a special announcement, over on the Facebook page for Spiked Studios

For those of you who asked me why Chris has the professional looking microphone and I don’t, I finally have one. Of course, the settings need to be played with, since I sound a bit faint. Those of you who know me personally, will find it hard to believe that I am NOT the loud one in this episode.

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BlackBerry Episode 8 – Director's Cut

Episode 8 of BlackBerry Today is now out. The title of the episode is “It’s Magical”, but I’m calling this the Director’s cut, since SOMEONE was supposed to edit out certain parts and instead left them in. Enjoy my embarrassment.

In addition to that, we also cover the usual tips and apps, and a short piece with Paul Steel, of Research in Motion.

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BlackBerry Today – Episodes 4 and 5

It seems I forgot to blog when Episode 4 was published, so I mention it now when I say that Episode 5 is out!

Of course, if you subscribe to the feed, you don’t have to rely on my potentially spotty blogging.

Go check it out! In Episode 5 of BlackBerry Today we (as usual) have apps, tips and news, but also a quick chat with Jennifer Stevenson from Research In Motion, who gives us a great tip of her own.

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I Admit It – I Was Wrong

I admit it. I was wrong. There I said it.

Episode 4 of BlackBerry Today is now out. In this episode, among our tips and apps and news, I make a small retraction. *hangs head in shame*

In other news, there is now a non-HD version of BlackBerry Today available via feed or in iTunes. So look that up and subscribe if you need the SD to play on devices that require it. (This one plays on your iPad).

Thanks again for watching the show!


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