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Are the Google Ads Really Worth It

Saw this on a Lotus Notes and Domino blog.


Blog Got Goofy

Yesterday afternoon I noticed my blog had reverted back to July 2009. Thanks to the power of Lotus, I’ve managed to recover my blog (via replication) back to the end of February. Thanks to the power of my idiocy and not replicating locally everytime I post an entry, I had to manually add back the last five posts. Anyway, all should be back to normal now.

End of story, replicate often and make a back up!

Oops – An Update

Oops. It occurred to me today that tomorrow will mark three weeks without a blog post. Hmm, where has the time gone? Will anyone notice? :)

I’ve been busy, with life and work and stuff. I also seem to be stuck in the mode of “Is this topic article-worthy or blog-worthy?”, which has led me to do nothing. And I went away on vacation. We took the family to Disney World. Which isn’t exactly relaxing. Fun, but exhausting. A few days ago, I passed the 160th day of daily running. Yes, I ran at Disney World. Crazy, I know.

A side note (well, really, this whole post is a side note, but whatever), it always amuses me to be at Disney World. Jan 08 and Jan 09, I was at Disney World for Lotusphere, which is a VERY different experience from when I was there Feb 06, Feb 08 and just a couple of weeks ago with my family. It is a strange feeling to be in the same place with such different scenarios.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update and say (commit) I will be posting something of value soon!


<-- Look! I got a new icon!


Thanks to Nathan, I have a new Running Notes icon. Which has now made my sad attempt at an icon very sad looking indeed…


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