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Spark Ideas at BLUG 2012

I was selected to do a “spark idea” at BLUG this year.  Kicked off at Lotusphere 2012, the Nerd Girls started the Spark Ideas talks.  Short TED-like talks, meant to inspire.  Although given at technical conferences, these talks are frequently have nothing to do with technology.

My talk was titled, “How a New House Made Me a New Woman”.  And here it is, if you’d like to watch:

Spark Ideas BLUG 2012 featuring Kathy Brown

Speaking at BLUG

In all the new job excitement, I forgot to mention that I will be speaking at BLUG, the Belux Lotus User Group, again!

Jess Stratton and I will be presenting:

Collaboration, Party of One: When You’re Both the Dev and the Admin

When your administrator and your developer are one and the same, and they’re both you, things can get confusing. As the administrator, you’ve got a lot of power. Frequently, the role of administrator is to lock things down, keep the server running smoothly and tune performance. As the developer, you want a lot of power. You want unlimited agents to run anytime you want, as frequently as possible, with little to no limitations! So how do you reconcile these opposing needs when you have to play both roles? Jess and Kathy will show you how to use separate IDs, location documents and other fail-safes to make sure your party of one is successful!

Hope to see you there!

Speaking at BLUG in Antwerp

I am very excited to be speaking at BLUG at the end of the month. BLUG is the Belux Lotus User Group and will be taking place March 31st and April 1st (I hope this isn’t an April Fool’s trick!) in Antwerp! A fantastic list of speakers and sessions and did I mention, it’s in ANTWERP?!

I love attending LUGs and I’m really looking forward to this one. The agenda looks to have an entire track devoted to Xpages, and I will be sure to attend some of those sessions. Oh, did I mention I’m a little excited to go to ANTWERP?!

Hope to see you there!

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