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The View: Twitter Bootstrap – Beyond the Basics

Part 2 of my View articles on Twitter Bootstrap is now available. (Subscription required).

Once you’ve started using Twitter Bootstrap with your XPages applications, you can create a grid, use some Bootstrap classes, or even use some features via JavaScript or attributes. (For an introduction to using Twitter Bootstrap, see Part 1 of this series, Twitter Bootstrap: Getting Started. What else can you do with Bootstrap? A better question may be, “What can’t you do with Bootstrap?” This article takes you beyond the basics of Bootstrap and demonstrates how to leverage glyphicons, customization themes, and plugins. It also provides resources to further explore all that you can accomplish with Bootstrap and XPages.

SocialBizUg Articles: Notes Dev Tips March Edition

March Notes Dev Tips articles are available:

Intimidating Themes

I admit it, I was intimidated.  I’m not sure why, but every time I saw a session on themes, I thought, “I should go to that”, or a blog post, “I should read that”, but I didn’t for the longest time.  I had some misconceptions that intimidated me.

My first misconception was that themes were hard.  They aren’t.  I’ll show you how to create a theme in just a few minutes.

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Testing! Testing! Testing!

You test your applications, right? Of course you do.  But where do you test it?  Do you test on multiple browsers?  What about multiple operating systems?  You could have 10 different VMs with multiple browsers installed, or you could just use browserstack.com.

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WDTD – Dynamic Content Control

What Does This Do?  In this installment of What Does This Do, I cover the Dynamic Content Control from the Extension Library in XPages.

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WDTD – Bootstrap Growl Notifications

In this What Does This Do, I demo growl-like notifications for Twitter Bootstrap in XPages!  Get the files here to use with your applications, http://ifightcrime.github.io/bootstrap-growl/

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SocialBizUg Articles: Notes Dev Tips February Edition

Great Sessions at IBM Connect 2014

Lots to see and do at IBM Connect 2014.  There was no way I could possibly see and do it all.  I tried my best to attend sessions that were important to me, and as usual, I still couldn’t see them all, but what I saw was great and always motivates me to learn even more.

This year, I attended a few stand out sessions (no one get upset if I don’t mention YOUR session; remember, I couldn’t attend them all!).

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Email is Dead – Long Live Email

We’ve been hearing it for a while, “email is dead”.  Well, apparently, email is what’s next.  IBM Mail Next, that is.  In a flurry of quick announcements at the end of the IBM Connect 2014 Opening General Session, we learned that whatever we are currently calling mail in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Collaboration Services – Social Edition Mail (not an actual product name) will now be IBM Mail Next.

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Improving Domino Designer

Julian Robichaux and I presented on Improving Domino Designer.  This month on SocialBizUg.org, I discuss my favorite tips from the session.

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IBM Connect 2014 Roundup

I’m back from my annual trip to Orlando for IBM Connect (formerly Lotusphere).  This year, like all the others before it, I returned home exhausted, worn out, full of knowledge and motivation.  Lots of questions and rumors floated around before the conference.  Would it be the same as years past?  Would there be enough technical content?  Would Kenexa take over and make it an entirely new conference?  So here is my take on what was the same, what was different, the good and the bad of IBM Connect 2014.

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