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Got a BlackBerry and Hate the Browser?

Do you have a BlackBerry? Do you despise the default browser?

Have you tried the Bolt Browser? Even better, have you downloaded the Bolt Browser plugin?

I’ve been using the Bold browser for a while now and it is so much better than the native browsers on the BlackBerry. Much faster and you can have tabs similar to Firefox and other “regular” browsers.

However, I was frustrated when I clicked links in tweets or BlackBerry messenger because they would open the default browser rather than Bolt. I just installed the plugin and now I have the option to open in Bolt! Hooray!

Interesting Bing Feature

I saw an article (I already forgot where) that showed some “cool” features in Bing. (Side note, I really hate the name Bing, I hate saying Bing, it irritates me, but I digress.). Anyway, in Bing you can put in whatever search term you like and follow it with “contains:[file extension]“. For example, “New Hampshire contains: .nsf” and all results will contain “New Hampshire” and an NSF file extension.

Very cool way to see a lot of sites using Lotus Notes.

Now of course, many of the results will just be links to OTHER sites that are using Lotus, but still I thought it was very interesting.

Proxy Toggles for IE and Firefox

I use the same laptop at home and in the office. In the office, I am required to use a proxy to access the internet. At home, I don’t require a proxy. Going back and forth between the two on both IE and Firefox was driving me sort of crazy. There really is no easy one-click way to turn the proxy settings on or off.

So, I found two tools (yes, one for each browser) that do just that.

For firefox, I recommend the free add-on Toggle Proxy 1.1 and unfortunately not free, but worth it because it actually works, Proxy Toolbar for MSIE v 1.4.

Both of these add-ons add a simple button or toggle to the browser. Once you have set up your proxy information, it is then only a single click to turn on or turn off the proxy.

Couldn’t Preview in Web Browser

This falls into the case of, I am blogging this in case I forget, but the other day I was playing with XPages and the “Preview in Web Browser” wasn’t working. I didn’t get an error of any kind, the page just loaded a blank page and said it was done. After way too much time spent trying to figure out WHY, it was discovered that on my Windows XP workstation, I could not have Skype open and still Preview in Web Browser. Blah blah, port 80, blah blah.