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My Take on IBM ConnectED 2015

I am surprised to be saying this, to have said it this week, but…this was my best Lotusphere ever.  Before you start arguing and telling me what things you felt weren’t the best, I will say, this was *MY* best Lotusphere.

Honorable mention:  my first Lotusphere in 2008.  I went by myself and didn’t know a soul there.  I didn’t know about Planet Lotus or who any of the speakers or attendees were.  It could never be the best as I barely spoke to anyone, but I saw speakers like Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan doing Worst Practices, and Julian Robichaux and Rob McDonough looking like pirates (they were pirates, right?  I just remember facial hair) and presenting on charts.  I met Marie Scott and Joni and ??, who were kind enough to let me hang out with them when I felt completely out of place.

Runner-up:  My third Lotusphere (2010) is definitely in contention for my best Lotusphere.  It was my first Lotusphere as a speaker.  It was my first conference of any kind as a speaker. (And here was my blog post wrap up for THAT Lotusphere, http://www.runningnotes.net/index.php/2010/01/25/lotusphere-2010-%e2%80%93-the-surreal-year/)  I met Tom Duff the day before I presented with him.  How could that not be at the top of my list?

But the winner is 2015.  Yes, I know, technically, it was IBM ConnectED and not Lotusphere, but let’s face it, it was Lotusphere.  So why was it my best?  Amusingly, it was how I connected with people.  “A new way to engage”, indeed.  Although, it wasn’t better because of social business, it was better because I made a promise to myself to talk to more people.  I wanted to reach out beyond the circle of people I knew and meet (and talk and connect) to new people.  I did just that.

A side note: I was informed before the conference this year that my “resting b!tch face” is pretty strong.  aka when I’m just sitting around thinking about nothing in particular, I look like I am angry or focused, so people tend to think they shouldn’t bother me.  Even friends have said they wouldn’t approach me when I’ve got that face on.  As a result, I tweeted that people should still say hi, AND I went out of my way to try and make eye contact with people and even (GASP) smile.

I got to talk to so many wonderful people this year.  Of course, all my friends that I’ve seen year after year, but also new people that I’d only just met.  I thank everyone for taking the time to talk to me.  I feel like we really did truly connect (pardon the pun).  I had wonderful conversations, loads of laughs, and never enough hugs.

Whatever the future may bring, in terms of conferences, or LUGs, or vacations, I hope to see you all again.  Correction, I hope to connect with you all sometime soon.

Notes Developer Tips Articles – August Edition

IBM ConnectED 2015

Many people have looked into their crystal balls and tried to guess what would become of Lotusphere, errr, IBM Connect, for 2015.  While full details are not yet out, we do have a new landing page to see.  As well as a new name, again.  Sort of.

UPDATE: Registration is now open!

Did You See These?

Often we go about our lives, and we don’t notice when new things appear. Take for example, Content Types on a Computed Field. Did you notice when several new content types appeared? Did you even know there are different content types? Well, there are. As of Notes 9, there are seven content types to choose from on a computed field.

While Trying To Make Things Easier, Sometimes We Make Things More Difficult

I really like jQuery. I like it because it often makes my life (as a Developer) a lot easier. Many times I think to myself, “I just want to do XYZ”, I Google “jQuery and XYZ” and BOOM!  I find exactly the code I need and I’m done.  As a result, I tend toward using jQuery more often than not. However, sometimes, while trying to make your life easier, you make things more difficult.

Do You Hate Dates?

I hate dates. I hate them. Not the kind where you buy dinner and see a movie, but the kind that have a year, a month, and a day. The kind that you have to generate in almost every workflow application ever created.

Conference Justification Document

With a big hat tip to Warren Elsmore, who has a justification document for Lotusphere, I created this document for justification to attend User Group events.  This one is geared specifically for IamLUG (because that is where I am headed next), but you can change it for whatever event you want to attend.

It’s important to demonstrate the value of user group events.  Training and networking have a monetary value, and if you can demonstrate that, as well as what a bargain LUG events typically are for what you get, your boss is a lot more likely to say YES!

Feel free to use this doc. If you’ve got suggestions to add to it, let me know and I will update it!

The above doc should be a Word document, so you can edit it. Here is a plain text doc, in case the above doesn’t work for you.

UKLUG and Newsletters

In lieu of an actual technical post, I will tell you where you can find some technical content from me these days…

UKLUG!  I am thrilled to say that I have been accepted to speak at UKLUG, http://uklug.info/ along with Mr. Julian Robichaux.  We’ll be talking about tools!  No, not home improvement type tools, but tools for developers!  UKLUG is being held in Cardiff this year, so I am very much looking forward to finding Torchwood.  (John Barrowman, *swoon*, ahem, where was I?)

And as always, you can read the Lotus User Group Notes Dev Tips Newsletter.  There’s a new one every month, chock full o’ tips!  Here’s a link to the latest one in case you missed it.  We have tips on Xpages and NoSQL and all kinds of fun stuff!

Spark Ideas at BLUG 2012

I was selected to do a “spark idea” at BLUG this year.  Kicked off at Lotusphere 2012, the Nerd Girls started the Spark Ideas talks.  Short TED-like talks, meant to inspire.  Although given at technical conferences, these talks are frequently have nothing to do with technology.

My talk was titled, “How a New House Made Me a New Woman”.  And here it is, if you’d like to watch:

Spark Ideas BLUG 2012 featuring Kathy Brown

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