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Speaking at BLUG

In all the new job excitement, I forgot to mention that I will be speaking at BLUG, the Belux Lotus User Group, again!

Jess Stratton and I will be presenting:

Collaboration, Party of One: When You’re Both the Dev and the Admin

When your administrator and your developer are one and the same, and they’re both you, things can get confusing. As the administrator, you’ve got a lot of power. Frequently, the role of administrator is to lock things down, keep the server running smoothly and tune performance. As the developer, you want a lot of power. You want unlimited agents to run anytime you want, as frequently as possible, with little to no limitations! So how do you reconcile these opposing needs when you have to play both roles? Jess and Kathy will show you how to use separate IDs, location documents and other fail-safes to make sure your party of one is successful!

Hope to see you there!

Did You Use Business Cards at Lotusphere?

It occurred to me that I forgot to even bring business cards with me to Lotusphere.  While I met several new people, we seemed to exchange Twitter IDs more than anything else, and usually on our mobile devices.  Occasionally I entered a new email address or phone number.

Only once during the conference, was I asked for an actual business card.  I took one of theirs and wrote on the back of it.

Did you use business cards at Lotusphere?  Or are they becoming a thing of the past?  Did you use a service like Bump or something else?

I Got You Babe

It’s official. Lotusphere 2012 is over. I’m sitting in the airport, reading tweets of others traveling home, writing my own tweets. Reading wrap up blog posts, and writing my own.

I’m sad. Those of you who have never been wonder how I can be sad about leaving a tech conference, but it is so much more than that. It is much more like an amazing family reunion, where I also happen to learn a ton of stuff.

Some of the highlights (because I couldn’t possibly write about all of it):

The Opening General Session on Monday – I LOVE OK GO and they played the OGS!  I was sooo excited.  Loved it.  The OGS could have ended then and I would have been just fine.  Michael J Fox was the guest speaker, and he was terrific.  Inspiring, funny, and managed to fit his talk in with Lotusphere and social and community.

Tuesday was Nerd Girl day for me.  First, the Nerd Girls Sparks session, which included several short TED-talk-like presentations.  They were really great and I really enjoyed this.  The Nerd Girls BOF to follow up the discussion from the Sparks ideas was also good.  Unfortunately, I had to leave a bit early, but it was off to a great start.  Later that evening, The Great Geek Challenge took place.  This was the second year for this event, and this year was (if possible) even better!  A great time was had by all with loads of fun and laughter (and reubens and sliders!).

Wednesday I presented two sessions.  The first was on mobile and web development, from Notes to BlackBerry.  I made a decision to change part of the session, thinking I was making it more appropriate for Lotusphere.  Afterward an attendee came up and asked me a question about the very thing I omitted.  Lesson learned, never assume.  My second session was with Jess Stratton on being both the developer and admin.  We had a great time.  I saw a couple of lightbulbs go off for some attendees.  That is always a great feeling.

The closing session was just bizarre.  No other way to put it.  Andrew Zimmern was an arrogant ass (job description for celebrity chef, I think) and mentioned his show and why we should watch it about a million times.  He also claimed to be twitter-savvy and reviewed our tweets before his talk, then said the hashtag was #LS2012 instead of #LS12, which makes me wonder how truly savvy he is.  OH, and he boiled and torched live animals on stage, then ate them.  As I said, bizarre.

So Lotusphere…Great sessions, great speakers. Amazing friends, awesome conversations. Tons of laughs and a million hugs. Met lots of new people and spent time with lots of old people, errr old friends. ;-)

PS The title of this post is in reference to this, this, and this, just some of the fun we have at Lotusphere.

Photo courtesy of Greyhawk68

Essential Geek Travel Gadgets

I’ve written about some Geek Gadgets here before (under the tag “Gadget Glee”, but after a recent Twitter conversation about what to bring to Lotusphere, I’ve decided to round up all the travel gadgets in one post.

My number one favorite and essential geek travel gadget is a portable charger.  I wrote about this one in particular, but I also have this one:

That’s the FatCat charger (and yes that is an Amazon affiliate link), which seems to charge a little more than the first one.  But hey, I have both.  :-)

Next on my list is the USB Squid from ThinkGeek.com.  Rather than some “block” type USB hubs, it allows for flexibility if you’ve got some stuff to plug in that’s bigger than the “usual” plug.




Up next is the Monster Outlets To Go power strip.  Nice and small, with outlets that are spaced out for those big charging blocks.


I love my Grid-It from Cocoon.  Perfect for organizing all of these gadgets!





If you’re presenting anywhere, then I really like the Kensington Wireless Remote, which works great on my Mac (and fabulous at entertaining cats, ooh laser!)

Unfortunately, I can’t share my latest essential geek travel gadget as I’m giving a few away as gifts at Lotusphere.  :-)   But I’ll be sure to post when I’m back.  So what are YOUR essential geek travel gadgets?

MTA:  I own all of these gadgets paid for by my own money.  I recommend them purely because they are awesome, not because someone paid me to.  I get nothing at all for telling you that they are awesome.  Unless you buy them through my affiliate link on Amazon, for which I will receive some tiny little teeny percentage, which you can read about at the Amazon affiliate site.

Lotusphere is Almost Here!

Lotusphere is just over a week away.  Are you ready?

I’ve downloaded the Lotusphere Sessions App for BlackBerry, and the updated the Lotusphere Sessions App for iPad.  Thank you to Gab, Tim, Ben and anyone else that works on those applications and the data!

I’ve updated my profile on http://www.socialbizonline.com/.

I’ve added my sessions to my calendar:

One Application To Rule Them All – Wednesday 11:15-12:15 in DL S Hemisphere I

Collaboration, Party of One: When You’re Both the Dev and the Admin – Wednesday 4:15 – 5:15 in DL S Hempishere III

I’ve added Nerd Girl stuff to my calendar:

Spark Ideas – Tuesday 11:15 – 12:15 in the SW Mockingbird 1 & 2

Nerd Girl BOF – Spark discussion – Tuesday 5:45 to 6:45 in the SW Parrot 2

I’ve added fun stuff to my calendar:

Great Geek Challenge! – Tuesday at 8PM in the Fountain Restaurant in the Dolphin

This week, I will be finishing up demos, packing, trying to get plenty of rest, trying to stay healthy, and looking forward to warmer weather than here.  See you there!  (Now, what am I forgetting…)

MTA:  Wow, apparently I was forgetting when my sessions were…sheesh.

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