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Too Many Design Elements – Or Things I Forgot I Knew

My co-worker, Marky tells me I already knew this and that I told him this when he made the same mistake, but I forgot, or never knew, or something.  So I’m blogging it.  Next time when I google it, I’ll find this post and laugh at myself.  Or maybe I’ll remember.  In any case…

Don’t add all of Sencha ExtJS’s download file to your XPages application.  It’s too many design elements.  As I discovered (again?) the other night.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.23.14 PM





“Insufficient memory – too many design elements (Desk Design Pool).” is the error you’ll get, and then you can’t open the application anymore in Designer.  Sadly, you may not get this right away.  Hypothetically, you maybe added all the files, worked with them, did some stuff, wrote some awesome code, and then closed Designer, and THEN you weren’t able to open it.  Hypothetically.  So be warned, if you’re adding a plugin with a lot of design elements (and by a lot, I mean thousands), maybe you’ll want to add them folder by folder.

To “fix” it you can copy the application, open the copy, and immediately delete stuff.  This won’t help your original, but at least you can get at your awesome code that you hypothetically wrote.

Incidentally, it would be a terrible idea to include the entire Sencha ExtJS download anyway because you don’t need it all and it would bloat your application for no good reason.  I guess Designer is just helping you realize that it’s a bad idea.  Thanks, Designer!

Gotcha for Adding Ext JS (or other extras) to Domino Designer

I recently downloaded Ext JS 5 to add to my XPages applications.  La dee da, create new application, download Ext JS 5, import into application, do some stuff, close Designer, re-open Designer, attempt to re-open my app, and BOOM


Now I can’t re-open my application.  Ext JS5 has a lot of elements straight out of the box.  If you add the whole thing, you’ll likely blow up your application.  The worst part is that once you get this error, you can’t get back into the application in order to delete elements you don’t need.

So either back up your application before adding stuff, or you use source control, or be sure you aren’t importing too many elements.

For Ext JS Grids 5, I recommend just the build folder (and it’s direct level contents) and the package folder within the build folder that includes the theme you are using.

Notes Developer Tips Articles – August Edition

IBM ConnectED 2015

Many people have looked into their crystal balls and tried to guess what would become of Lotusphere, errr, IBM Connect, for 2015.  While full details are not yet out, we do have a new landing page to see.  As well as a new name, again.  Sort of.

UPDATE: Registration is now open!

Did You See These?

Often we go about our lives, and we don’t notice when new things appear. Take for example, Content Types on a Computed Field. Did you notice when several new content types appeared? Did you even know there are different content types? Well, there are. As of Notes 9, there are seven content types to choose from on a computed field.

While Trying To Make Things Easier, Sometimes We Make Things More Difficult

I really like jQuery. I like it because it often makes my life (as a Developer) a lot easier. Many times I think to myself, “I just want to do XYZ”, I Google “jQuery and XYZ” and BOOM!  I find exactly the code I need and I’m done.  As a result, I tend toward using jQuery more often than not. However, sometimes, while trying to make your life easier, you make things more difficult.

Do You Hate Dates?

I hate dates. I hate them. Not the kind where you buy dinner and see a movie, but the kind that have a year, a month, and a day. The kind that you have to generate in almost every workflow application ever created.


I somehow managed to not post about this, but I will be speaking at Engage next week!  Previously, BLUG, Engage is one of my favorite conferences (previously user groups :-) ) to attend.  It’s an incredibly well-run conference and always in new and interesting locations.  And there is always loads of chocolate for the speakers.

I will be presenting “Improve Your Domino Designer Experience” with Julian Robichaux on Tuesday at 1:30.  (I think, the agenda is in non-US time format, so really, who knows)   ;)

Hope to see you there!  Please come on by and say hi!

SocialBizUg Articles: Notes Dev Tips February Edition

Great Sessions at IBM Connect 2014

Lots to see and do at IBM Connect 2014.  There was no way I could possibly see and do it all.  I tried my best to attend sessions that were important to me, and as usual, I still couldn’t see them all, but what I saw was great and always motivates me to learn even more.

This year, I attended a few stand out sessions (no one get upset if I don’t mention YOUR session; remember, I couldn’t attend them all!).

Read the article here.

Email is Dead – Long Live Email

We’ve been hearing it for a while, “email is dead”.  Well, apparently, email is what’s next.  IBM Mail Next, that is.  In a flurry of quick announcements at the end of the IBM Connect 2014 Opening General Session, we learned that whatever we are currently calling mail in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Collaboration Services – Social Edition Mail (not an actual product name) will now be IBM Mail Next.

Read the full article here.

Improving Domino Designer

Julian Robichaux and I presented on Improving Domino Designer.  This month on SocialBizUg.org, I discuss my favorite tips from the session.

Read the article here.

IBM Connect 2014 Roundup

I’m back from my annual trip to Orlando for IBM Connect (formerly Lotusphere).  This year, like all the others before it, I returned home exhausted, worn out, full of knowledge and motivation.  Lots of questions and rumors floated around before the conference.  Would it be the same as years past?  Would there be enough technical content?  Would Kenexa take over and make it an entirely new conference?  So here is my take on what was the same, what was different, the good and the bad of IBM Connect 2014.

Read about it here.



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