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IBM Connect 2014 Slides and Files

Here are the slides from my IBM Connect 2014 sessions.  If your looking for other people’s session slides, check out the database that Chris Miller has put together.

And here are the files for Show 102 - SHOW102

Article: What Does This Do – Firebug Lite

In this video of What Does This Do for SocialBizUg.org? I demonstrate the Firebug Lite control.  Very handy for getting debug information from users without them installing anything new.

See it here

Article: What’s New in Designer 9.0.1

In this article for SocialBizUg.org, I cover the important (to me) highlights of what is new in Domino Designer 9.0.1.  Considering this was a “point release”, there are a lot of nice updates.  Read all about them…

What’s New in Designer 9.0.1


Improving Your Domino Designer Experience – Slides

Julian Robichaux and I presented “Improving Your Domino Designer Experience” at ICON UK this week.  We had to go a little fast, so here are the slides in case you didn’t catch it all…

Mystery Application Breakage

The setting:

An application, specifically an XPages application.  The application has some Java elements.  Code–> Java–> whateverJava.java.  The application has lots of other fabulous XPageiness.  The application was/is on the server and working fine.

The mystery:

One day, the application was broken, but not ALL of the application, just one feature.  No code had changed.  The developer opened Domino Designer, cleaned the application and HUZZAH, the application worked again.  Until one day, it didn’t. Again, no code had changed.  Again, cleaning the application fixed it.

So what happened?

Well, it appears that in 8.5.3 (-ish, depending on your FP), whenever an application with Java elements is OPENED in Domino Designer (not modified, just OPENED), those Java elements look as though they’ve been signed by the person that opened Designer.  That person may not be a person that is allowed (via the server config doc) to run Java stuff.  ADDITIONALLY, once this has happened, the application needs to be rebuilt.

Good times, eh?

The (possible) resolution:

This interim fix mentions an SPR that sounds remarkably like the above mystery (thanks to Paul Withers for finding that for me).   Also, having anyone with Designer access turn off “Build Automatically”.  Reducing the list of people with Designer access.  Having those with Designer access remove the application from their application tab in Designer, unless they specifically need to access the application (in which case, they would probably rebuild it anyway).

Since the breakage is intermittent, I can’t tell you for sure if the above steps resolve it as we won’t know for sure until it doesn’t break for a month or so. : – )

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