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Current Direction of the IBM Domino Market

You might have seen the tweets by now:

Spend 30 seconds & help our community find the current direction of IBM Domino in the marketplace bit.ly/PSCXPagesSurvey #ibm #xpages

PSC has put together a survey in order to get feedback from Notes and Domino users worldwide and we will be sharing the results of the survey publicly.

The survey itself takes under a minute and will be open until October 3, 2014.  The more people that take the survey, the more meaningful the results will be.  Go here to take the survey,  http://bit.ly/PSCXPagesSurvey and please share the link.

Article: 5 Tips For Source Control in Domino

I’ve posted a couple of articles on SocialBizUg.org on Source Control.  This month I give you 5 tips to help use it with fewer issues.

5 Tips For Source Control in Domino

Hopefully you read my articles on setting up source control and using source control, and you’ve started using it. I now use source control on every project I work on, even if I am the only developer on the project.  It has gotten to the point where I find it so useful, I can’t imagine working without source control. So if you haven’t gotten started yet, go back and read those articles and get going!  Now that I’ve been using it for a while, I have some tips for using source control, particularly when you are working with other developers.

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What’s New in 8.5.3 Notes And Domino

I took part in “What’s New in 8.5.3 Notes, Domino, Traveler & IBM XWork Server” over at Consultant In Your Pocket with Chris Miller. Listen in to hear what’s new. You can sleep through the first half if you’re a developer.