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Article: What Does This Do – Navigator Control

What Does This Do?  Navigator control.  In this recording of “What Does This Do?” I cover the navigator control.  Very simple to use and provide users with easy navigation within your XPages application.

See the video…

Article: What Does This Do – Firebug Lite

In this video of What Does This Do for SocialBizUg.org? I demonstrate the Firebug Lite control.  Very handy for getting debug information from users without them installing anything new.

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Article: What Does This Do? Tooltip

On SocialBizUg.org, I’ve posted a new “What Does This Do?” and I cover the basics of the Tooltip control in the Extension Library.

Check it out!

Article – What Does That Do?

Over on SocialBizUg.org, I’ve started what will hopefully be a recurring video series.  Titled “What Does That Do?”, I will jump into a quick introduction of something in Domino Designer.  I’ve started off with the Application Layout control from the Extension Library.  These won’t be deep dives, but quick intros.  I hope you like them!

What Does That Do? on SocialBizUg.org