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Geek Gift Guide 2013

Here’s my link to last year’s gift guide and most of those are still great recommendations (I still use ALL of the items from that list on a regular basis).

So what about this year?  Aside from the obvious (iPad mini or iPad Air or Mac Air or really anything apple), here are a few gift ideas for 2013:

Kindle Fire HD – I bought one for my mom last year, and she hasn’t stopped telling me how great it is.  She has taken it to it like a duck to water.  She reads books on it (of course), plays games, streams TV and movies, and edits documents, among other things.  She’s done it all without any help from me.  Possibly the best gift I’ve ever given her.

Cases and sleeves – I wrote this post on my favorite cases (and also one I didn’t like), but for my Mac Air I prefer a sleeve and a skin.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gelaskins.  I get comments ALL.  THE.  TIME. about the skin I have.  I have the same one on my laptop, iPad, and phone.  You can create your own or use one of their amazingly beautiful pieces of artwork.  Every time I get a new device, I go straight to Gelaskins.com and order my skin.  I ordered this sleeve and it was inexpensive, perfectly fits my Air, and does the job I need it to do (mostly keeping purse crumbs out of my Air).

I recently had some issues with my external hard drive (Western Digital) for backing up and storing files.  It would sometimes connect and other times it wouldn’t connect.  Very frustrating.  So, I ordered this Seagate hard drive and it’s been super easy to use and also works perfectly.

For kitchen geeks, this julienned peeler is AMAZING.  It’s super cool.  I wrote about a dish I made with this peeler back in July and I still love it.

And for Junior Geeks, this little “mining” set was pretty cool.  It’s a solid block of clay or dirt or something and comes with tools so kids can “dig” for “gems”.  My seven-year-old LOVED it.  The only thing missing from this kit is goggles.  Digging at the dust can get messy and kids should probably wear goggles while playing with it.  Other than that, this kit was great.

And there ya go, my 2013 gift guide.  All of these items were purchased by me at regular price.

Gadget Glee – Phone Case

I recently got an iPhone 5.  I purchased Apple care and happily enjoyed my phone.  As usual for my devices, I purchased my gelaskin and went about life with a nearly naked iPhone.  Then I got to thinking…the nearest Apple store is an hour away.  If I happened to drop my device on the ground, I would be out of commission for at least an hour.  And likely longer since I can’t just drop everything and go straight to the store.  (And how would I know how to get there without GPS?).

So I ordered an Otterbox case.  Around Christmas, I had ordered this Otterbox case for an iPod Touch that I was passing on to my son.

He has already dropped it three times (that I know of) and once directly on asphalt.  The Otterbox has proven it’s worth.  I knew I didn’t want the Defender.  My first reason was that it had a screen cover.  I like the touch of the glass and don’t like screen protectors.  Secondly, the Defender is amazing, but it is bulky.  So I ordered the Commuter.

The Commuter has an optional screen protector that you can leave off.  Which I did.  Now, if I had started off immediately with a case/cover, I might have been okay with the Commuter.  However, after having NO case or cover for the first several weeks, I had gotten very used to the lightweight, slim look of the iPhone.

Luckily my friend Jess suggested the happy medium.

Sure it’s minimal.  No, it won’t protect nearly as much as the Otterbox options, but it is still better than nothing.  And I still have the gelaskin on there, which is great since I can see it through the clear plastic.  No real drops to test this case yet (knock on wood), but I definitely like the weight and feel of it.  It fits perfectly AND I can still use my phone on my speaker doc and easily access the headset jack, which was impossible (dock) and difficult (headset) with the Commuter.

MTA: I purchased all three of these cases myself for the price listed on Amazon.  Yes, those are affiliate links.

Geek Gift Guide

It’s that time of year.  When you need to buy gifts for geeks.  Here are a few suggestions (and yes, some of these are affiliate links*):

I’ve mentioned mobile chargers before and my current favorite is the PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack 5200mAh External Battery Pack
.  It charges my iPhone, iPad, PlayBook, BlackBerry, iPod, etc.  Some devices it can charge more than once.  It’s great to have in my bag, ready to go.  It can hold its charge for months.  I seriously never leave home without it.

My Virgin Mobile mifi.  This one is great as it is pay-as-you-go.  So if I don’t need it, I don’t pay for it.  The only catch is the zombie power button.  I’ve turned it off only to see it come back on right away, so you have to be sure it’s really off, or you’ll be using your Powergen charger.  (Update: I just noticed it’s marked down to $19.99 right now, holy cow that is a steal, and I get no kick back for this, that is just flat out a great deal).

The CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD Intelligent LCD 1000VA 600W with AVR Mini Tower UPS is perfect for short blips in power.  Or in longer power outages, it will give you time to shut everything off gracefully.

While not a gadget,the eBags Packing Cubes – 3pc Set (Raspberry) appeal to the OCD packer.  Seriously, these things are AWESOME.  I’ve recommended them to tons of people and everyone loves them.  You can organize your stuff in your luggage and pack more stuff into your luggage.  They are breathable in case you’ve got damp or stinky clothes.  And if you get that extra luggage search at the gate, your unmentionables don’t go falling out onto the floor!

A Moshi ClearGuard MB US Layout (99MO021901) to protect your keyboard.  We’re geeks, we do a lot of eating in front of our laptops.  This cover keeps all those annoying little crumbs out.

Hey, if you get that IBM Connect session approved, you’ll need one of these,Kensington 33374 Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer.  It’s what I use.  Love it.

The USB Squid from Thinkgeek.com is great.  Allows you to plug in several USB items without worrying about the plug brick size.

Check out the Nerd Girls zazzle shop to pick up something for yourself or your favorite Nerd Girl.  The products shown are just examples, you can apply the logo to any Zazzle product.  We have a couple of the old badge logos as well, and will likely be adding more.

So there you have it!  Happy shopping!

* In case you don’t know, Amazon provides an affiliate program.  If you click my link and buy the product, I get a teeny tiny portion of the price.  I never know who buys what as Amazon anonymizes all that.  FYI.

Essential Geek Travel Gadgets

I’ve written about some Geek Gadgets here before (under the tag “Gadget Glee”, but after a recent Twitter conversation about what to bring to Lotusphere, I’ve decided to round up all the travel gadgets in one post.

My number one favorite and essential geek travel gadget is a portable charger.  I wrote about this one in particular, but I also have this one:

That’s the FatCat charger (and yes that is an Amazon affiliate link), which seems to charge a little more than the first one.  But hey, I have both.  :-)

Next on my list is the USB Squid from ThinkGeek.com.  Rather than some “block” type USB hubs, it allows for flexibility if you’ve got some stuff to plug in that’s bigger than the “usual” plug.




Up next is the Monster Outlets To Go power strip.  Nice and small, with outlets that are spaced out for those big charging blocks.


I love my Grid-It from Cocoon.  Perfect for organizing all of these gadgets!





If you’re presenting anywhere, then I really like the Kensington Wireless Remote, which works great on my Mac (and fabulous at entertaining cats, ooh laser!)

Unfortunately, I can’t share my latest essential geek travel gadget as I’m giving a few away as gifts at Lotusphere.  :-)   But I’ll be sure to post when I’m back.  So what are YOUR essential geek travel gadgets?

MTA:  I own all of these gadgets paid for by my own money.  I recommend them purely because they are awesome, not because someone paid me to.  I get nothing at all for telling you that they are awesome.  Unless you buy them through my affiliate link on Amazon, for which I will receive some tiny little teeny percentage, which you can read about at the Amazon affiliate site.

Gadget Glee – moshi Keyboard Cover

After a recent, uh, incident, involving a drink and my Macbook Pro, I decided I needed a keyboard cover. I’m on my laptop all the time, including snack time, and I hate when I get crumbs in my keyboard. So, after some searching, I came up this: moshi ClearGuard MB Keyboard Cover for MacBook/Pro/Air

Much like the Amazon reviews stated, the cover is VERY thin, which is fantastic. I really don’t even notice it is there. It fits my mac perfectly and I can be a bit obsessive about such things. Works fantastically to keep out food crumbs, dust and everything else that tends to land on laptop keyboards.

I haven’t experienced any of the flipping that some of the other reviews had mentioned, it stays in place perfectly.

The only “negative” I can think of is that since it slightly raises the above the keyboard, it seems to get “finger gunk” on the screen when I close the laptop. Not a big deal, as I can just clean the cover and the screen as needed. I guess that means it is doing its job and keeping the gunk off the keys. But it can be annoying to see smudges on the screen when opening the laptop.

All in all a great product that does exactly what you want it to.

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