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Version Control with Git by Jon Loeliger & Matthew McCullough

Version Control with Git

by Jon Loeliger & Matthew McCullough

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

This is a comprehensive book on Git with everything you would need to know from A to Z.

Chapters: 1. Introduction, 2. Installing Git, 3. Getting Started, 4. Basic Git Concepts, 5. File Management and the Index, 6. Commits, 7. Branches, 8. Diffs, 9. Merges, 10. Altering Commits, 11. The Stash and the Reflog, 12. Remote Repositories, 13. Repository Management, 14. Patches, 15. Hooks, 16. Combining Projects, 17. Submodule Best Practices, 18. Using Git with Subversion Repositories, 19. Advanced Manipulations, 20. Tips, Tricks, and Techniques, 21. Git and GitHub

Did I mention this book is comprehensive?  It really digs into Git, from how Git got started, how it was developed and deep into the inner workings of Git.  This will be great for some people and exactly what they want to know.  It was a little too in depth for me, but it’s better to have too much material versus not enough.  The book is well organized and the examples are clear enough that if you are not interested in the details, you can move on to what you need to know.  As stated early on the reader should be “comfortable” with the Unix shell.  Um, yeah.  Not that the book is at fault with this requirement, it’s entirely a Git requirement, but if you don’t do Unix, you probably shouldn’t do Git or you’ll be learning two rather complex things at once.

Having used other source control systems prior to reading this, I appreciated many comparisons of Git and other systems.  While it isn’t necessary to understand source control prior to reading this book, it was nice to have a frame of reference if you do know other systems.

While the book was a deep dive into Git, I didn’t feel like it was particularly over or under any specific level of user.  Beginner users and advanced users alike could learn a great deal of information from Version Control with Git.  From the history and getting started sections, up through the advanced section.  The tips and tricks chapter is useful for all levels of user, as well as the many tips sprinkled throughout the book.

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