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IamLUG 2013

I have been lucky enough to attend all four IamLUGs and I have to say this was best one yet.  The combination of attendees, speakers, sessions, sponsors, food, weather (so much better than August!) was just perfect.

The attendees – I really felt like every attendee was happy to be there.  Everyone seemed eager to learn and meet new people.  I took part in my first ever speed sponsoring as a sponsor on Monday night and everyone seemed genuinely interested in learning about the sponsors and what they have to offer.

The speakers – the speaker lineup was incredible, although the speakers have been great every year.  Luis Richardson was the keynote speaker and he really brings new life to IBM keynotes.  Really, his talk could be given anywhere and be well received.

The sponsors – the sponsors were fantastic, as always, and a huge thank you to them.  The entire conference is paid for by sponsors.  And I mentioned, this was my first time as a sponsor at speedsponsoring, and I had a great time!

My sessions – my sessions went well (minus a few hiccups in the first session due to a projector, which was replaced the next day).  The slides and sample database will be posted here and on slideshare in a little bit.

Announcement – IamLUG has a new name!  It will now be ICON US, in conjunction with ICON UK.  The Lotus name was dropped by IBM.  Lotusphere changed to IBM Connect.  So changing the name of IamLUG makes perfect sense!

Flickr group – check out the IamLUG photo group to see all the pictures (and if you took some, please post them there!)  This may be my favorite.

Overall, I had a blast, I learned a ton, and the best part was that I got to meet a lot of new people I hadn’t met before, and really that’s what these LUGs are all about.

Speaking at IamLUG

I am very pleased to say that I was selected to co-speak in two sessions at IamLUG (co-speaking x2 means 1 session, right?).  I’ll be speaking with Troy Reimer on integrating XPages and collaborative tools like Connections, and with Julian Robichaux on our fast, but fun Tools for the Domino Developer.  Hope to see you there!

Don’t Roll Your Own, Integrate…Collaboration On the Ground and In the Clouds

Your users want to collaborate, so how do you provide that ability within your XPages applications without coding from scratch? Troy and Kathy will show you how to take advantage of existing collaboration capabilities and integrate them with your apps. They will begin with a simple integration of XPages and TeamRooms. Next they will demonstrate more complex integration, using XPages to surface data like files and activity streams from IBM Connections and SmartCloud Engage, using the IBM Connections API.

Opening the Toolbox: Tools for the Domino Developer

It’s always important to have the right tool for the job. You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail. It might eventually work, but it would take a lot longer. Tradesmen like plumbers and electricians make it look easy, but sometimes it is because they have all of those specialized tools. Julian and Kathy will open up the toolbox and show you some of the tools available to make your job as a Domino Developer even easier. Even better, most of the tools are free! They’ll cover tools for agents, XPages, browsers, testing, ideas for building your own tools, and more. It’s like a home improvement show for developers!

Conference Justification Document

With a big hat tip to Warren Elsmore, who has a justification document for Lotusphere, I created this document for justification to attend User Group events.  This one is geared specifically for IamLUG (because that is where I am headed next), but you can change it for whatever event you want to attend.

It’s important to demonstrate the value of user group events.  Training and networking have a monetary value, and if you can demonstrate that, as well as what a bargain LUG events typically are for what you get, your boss is a lot more likely to say YES!

Feel free to use this doc. If you’ve got suggestions to add to it, let me know and I will update it!

The above doc should be a Word document, so you can edit it. Here is a plain text doc, in case the above doesn’t work for you.

IBM Connect

I’m on my way home from IBM Connect. So many great sessions. So many amazing friends. It’s honestly hard at this point to process it all.

One particular thing sticking in my mind right now as I say “see you later” to so many of my good friends (“goodbye” is just too hard) was a moment in gurupalooza. For those that don’t know, it’s one of the last sessions, where all of the Best Practice speakers and some business partners from other tracks get on stage to answer attendee questions. I was honored to once again get on that stage as it is filled with some of the best speakers and most knowledgeable people in our community.

An “attendee” (who just happens to organize BLUG) asked how many of us also speak at LUGs. From where I sat, every hand was raised. Every. Hand.

What does that mean? It means you can and should go see amazing speakers at a LUG near you, for free.

That’s right, for free.

Personally, I hope to “see you later” at BLUG or IamLUG or UKLUG or all three.

MTA:  There are LOADS of great LUGs out there, these are just the three that I am planning to attend.

Speak at a LUG

In my post the other day, Confessions of a Lotusphere Speaker, I wrote about ways to get involved in the community, to help your chances of speaking at events like IBM Connect.  I suggested starting with Lotus User Group conferences,

LUG – submit abstracts to LUGs.  Sure, everyone wants to go to IBM Connect.  But IBM Connect charges attendees a lot of money to attend, they are going to try hard to have the best speakers.  Gambling on someone who is completely unknown is a gamble for them.  It is way easier for them to say yes if they saw you speak at a LUG, or heard about your awesome presentation at a LUG.

There are loads of LUGs around, but I wanted to point out a few that I have personally attended and enjoyed (presented in chronological order).

SkiLUG – http://skilug.org/ – Feb 25/26/27 – This event is being held in February, and looks to be even more of a conference than last year.  Bill Malchilsky is an excellent host and organizer.  Held at a ski resort in Vermont, I have no doubt this will be a fun event.

BLUG – http://www.blug.be/ – March 21/22 – Belgium in March.  Need I say more?  I do?  Okay, how about great speakers and fantastic sessions.  Well organized.  Great location.  More?  Okay, CHOCOLATE.

IamLUG – http://iamlug.org/iamlug/IamLug2011.nsf – May 6/7 – I have attended this event every year it’s been held.  This May will be the 4th IamLUG.  I am looking forward to it, just as I do every year.  Another great event, this one is held in a casino!  Well organized, great food, great speakers.  And I’m super excited that they’ve moved the even from August in St. Louis to May in St. Louis!

UKLUG/ILUG – http://uklug.info/ – ILUG and UKLUG aren’t held in the same year, so I’m combining them as one event.  I’ve been to both and they’re both fantastic events.  Just like the others I’ve  mentioned they are well-organized, great events with awesome speakers and sessions and attendees.  They move the event location around, which makes it a great excuse to go and see more of the world!  Dates not yet announced, but last year was in the fall.

As I said, there are way more LUGs than just these, so find one.  Submit an abstract!  Speak!


MTA:  If I didn’t mention a LUG and you think it’s awesome, post it in the comments!

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