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IamLUG – Everybody Wins

IamLUG just wrapped up and after an incredible two days of a fantastic free technical conference, followed by an additional paid full day of training, it’s time to digest all the information gleaned over the last three days. I’m completely wiped out from learning and speaking and having fun with friends, so I know I couldn’t have wrapped it up better than Sam Bridegroom:

I’ve spent the last two days at the IamLug 2011 user group meeting – and it’s been a great couple of days. The Notes and Domino community owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Chris Miller for organizing the event, and to all of the sponsors and high quality speakers who contributed to making such a great event. The best part – it’s a free event. Travel & accommodations are not free, but even some of that is discounted (room rates were more than reasonable). It’s an amazing value for anyone who has the ability to attend.

I couldn’t agree more. Two FREE days of amazing technical information and access to great speakers and sponsors and other users.

This user group meeting was just that – a user group meeting. There’s a lot more conversation among participants, the sessions can get very conversational at times, and in many cases people are a lot freer to express opinions without fear of retribution from the Borg. Not that most of these folks would really care about it, but you get the idea. The exchange of thoughts and ideas is very much encouraged. The sponsor/vendor floor is not nearly as vulture-like, so there’s not nearly the apprehension to engage in conversation. Everybody wins.

Just realized the added meaning of “everybody wins”. There were LOADS of giveaways, Plantronics headsets, iPads, Kindles, books and so much more. I won an O’Reilly ebook!

Please read the rest of his post here.

IamLUG Wrap Up – Better Late than Never

You can read most of my IamLUG wrap up here in the LotusUserGroup.org Dev Tips Newsletter.

One big thing I neglected to mention was the Nerd Girls session that we had. The session included the announcement of our shop, on Zazzle.com, which can be found HERE. Please check it out. Proceeds will go towards funding future Nerd Girl gatherings! Click on any shirt with the logo you like, and you can pick a different shirt. Mens, Womens and Childrens products available! We’ll be adding other logos in the future as well!

If you can’t be bothered to read my wrap up, the quick version is that I (once again) thought it was a great conference. Incredibly well run. A great size to keep it cozy and informal. With plenty of time to network, chat with speakers and hang out with other Lotus peeps! I hope you go next year, I know I’ll be there!

Nerd Girls Get Social

It’s official, the Nerd Girls have a session at IamLUG.

Come meet other Nerd Girls for some lively conversation! Not a Nerd Girl already? We’ll share Twitter IDs, Skype names, and introduce you to our Linked In group and Twitter list.

It is during the second half of lunch on Monday. We’ve done panel discussions and BOFs in the past at other conferences, we’d like this to be more interactive. Let’s meet, mingle and connect.

AND, we will have a big Nerd Girl announcement to make, so make sure to be there!

As with all of the Nerd Girl events, men are welcome!

Running at IamLUG

If you think you might want to run with others at IamLUG, then follow @RunningNotes on Twitter. Direct Messages sent to that account will go out to all followers, so everyone can coordinate a time to run.

It was hot and humid last year, but we still had a nice time running around the arch and chatting.

If you haven’t registered for IamLUG yet, get moving! I think there are still a few slots left, but I doubt there will be for long.

Hope to see you there!

Lotus Notes Developer Tips at IamLUG

Most of the sessions are up on the IamLUG site here. As you can see, Tom “Duffbert” Duff and I will be speaking together once again.

Developer Tips EVERY Dev Should Know

Ever wish you had a list of all the top mistakes to avoid when developing for Domino? What about all the tips you need to know to create successful applications? Join Tom and Kathy as they show what EVERY Domino developer needs to know. They’ll explain what you need to know and why you need to know it. They’ll also share how they learned some of these tips the hard way, so you don’t have to!

This is a “repeat” of our session from Lotusphere, but we’ve changed it up a bit and added new jokes. If you’re following our @NotesDevTips account, you’ll no doubt see some familiar tips. But the best part is we’ll cover more than can be conveyed in 140 characters!

As you can see here, I had a blast last year at IamLUG. It was great fun and I learned a lot. And did I mention that the conference is FREE?!

Hope to see you there!

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