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IBM Connect

I’m on my way home from IBM Connect. So many great sessions. So many amazing friends. It’s honestly hard at this point to process it all.

One particular thing sticking in my mind right now as I say “see you later” to so many of my good friends (“goodbye” is just too hard) was a moment in gurupalooza. For those that don’t know, it’s one of the last sessions, where all of the Best Practice speakers and some business partners from other tracks get on stage to answer attendee questions. I was honored to once again get on that stage as it is filled with some of the best speakers and most knowledgeable people in our community.

An “attendee” (who just happens to organize BLUG) asked how many of us also speak at LUGs. From where I sat, every hand was raised. Every. Hand.

What does that mean? It means you can and should go see amazing speakers at a LUG near you, for free.

That’s right, for free.

Personally, I hope to “see you later” at BLUG or IamLUG or UKLUG or all three.

MTA:  There are LOADS of great LUGs out there, these are just the three that I am planning to attend.