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Come See Me at ICON UK

I’m very excited to say that I will be speaking at ICON UK.  Julian Robichaux and I will present “Taming Domino Designer”.

Domino Designer for Eclipse (DDE) has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of settings and customization options. But do you really know how to make it work well for you? Julian and Kathy will give you their favorite tips and tweaks for using DDE: making it faster, easier to use, and even how to track down some pesky errors. We will show you how to make DDE sing! (Literally, it will sing). Come to this session to get under the hood [bonnet] of DDE and make it do things you never thought it could do.

It’s a great conference (previously UKLUG) and I’ve learned loads and had a great time every time I have attended.  If you’ll be there, please say hi!

Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring, check out their sponsor page.  Even if you aren’t interested in sponsoring, check out their page.  Sponsors are what makes this event free!  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, LUGs (even though they’ve changed the name, the spirit of the event is the same) are fantastic.  You are up close and personal with loads of speakers (many from events like IBM Connect).  You are up close and personal with other attendees.  The size of the event lends itself really well to meeting and networking and having a really good time.  You can check out vendors and their solutions.

Best of all, these events are FREE.  So check it out and I hope to see you there!