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Review – The Art of iPhone Photography by Bob Weil, Nicki Fitz-Gerald – O’Reilly Publishing

The Art of iPhone Photography
by Bob Weil, Nicki Fitz-Gerald
Publisher: O’Reilly Media

This book goes way beyond snapping photos with your phone.  In a simple and easy-to-follow manner, you can see how to create art with your iPhone*.


1. Tutorials – Part 1: Photography and 2. Tutorials – Part 2:  Illustration and Fine Art

Each of the two sections of the book contain several subsections.  Each subsection covers a category, such as Landscape or People & Portraits.  45 different “iPhoneographers” contribute a study.  Each of the studies is by a particular photographer, based on a specific photo and covers: What You’ll Learn, What You’ll Need, Back Story, The Process, My Favorite Apps, and a Summary. A photo is shown in each study and the details of how it was created, including the photographers decisions in setup and editing, are discussed.

The studies make it easy to follow along, as well as skipping around the book to the photographs that interest you.  The book is great if nothing else than for the many iPhone app suggestions.  After reading just a couple of the studies, I downloaded a couple of apps and tried out some of the suggested techniques.  I was very happy with the resulting photo.  The cases go way beyond the usual concepts of framing and cropping and go much farther into the art aspect with saturation, and blurring, and artistic additions of light (via editing) and dark.

While I am a huge fan of photography, I could never get into the deeply technical aspects of F stops and apertures.  That’s one of the many reasons I like smartphone photography.  This book is for people like me, looking to get the most out of their iPhone photos without delving into technical jargon.

*The authors do admit that many of the techniques and applications used to take and edit photos are not strictly limited to iPhones.

The Art of iPhone Photography

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Gadget Glee – Phone Case

I recently got an iPhone 5.  I purchased Apple care and happily enjoyed my phone.  As usual for my devices, I purchased my gelaskin and went about life with a nearly naked iPhone.  Then I got to thinking…the nearest Apple store is an hour away.  If I happened to drop my device on the ground, I would be out of commission for at least an hour.  And likely longer since I can’t just drop everything and go straight to the store.  (And how would I know how to get there without GPS?).

So I ordered an Otterbox case.  Around Christmas, I had ordered this Otterbox case for an iPod Touch that I was passing on to my son.

He has already dropped it three times (that I know of) and once directly on asphalt.  The Otterbox has proven it’s worth.  I knew I didn’t want the Defender.  My first reason was that it had a screen cover.  I like the touch of the glass and don’t like screen protectors.  Secondly, the Defender is amazing, but it is bulky.  So I ordered the Commuter.

The Commuter has an optional screen protector that you can leave off.  Which I did.  Now, if I had started off immediately with a case/cover, I might have been okay with the Commuter.  However, after having NO case or cover for the first several weeks, I had gotten very used to the lightweight, slim look of the iPhone.

Luckily my friend Jess suggested the happy medium.

Sure it’s minimal.  No, it won’t protect nearly as much as the Otterbox options, but it is still better than nothing.  And I still have the gelaskin on there, which is great since I can see it through the clear plastic.  No real drops to test this case yet (knock on wood), but I definitely like the weight and feel of it.  It fits perfectly AND I can still use my phone on my speaker doc and easily access the headset jack, which was impossible (dock) and difficult (headset) with the Commuter.

MTA: I purchased all three of these cases myself for the price listed on Amazon.  Yes, those are affiliate links.