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Speak at a LUG

In my post the other day, Confessions of a Lotusphere Speaker, I wrote about ways to get involved in the community, to help your chances of speaking at events like IBM Connect.  I suggested starting with Lotus User Group conferences,

LUG – submit abstracts to LUGs.  Sure, everyone wants to go to IBM Connect.  But IBM Connect charges attendees a lot of money to attend, they are going to try hard to have the best speakers.  Gambling on someone who is completely unknown is a gamble for them.  It is way easier for them to say yes if they saw you speak at a LUG, or heard about your awesome presentation at a LUG.

There are loads of LUGs around, but I wanted to point out a few that I have personally attended and enjoyed (presented in chronological order).

SkiLUG – http://skilug.org/ – Feb 25/26/27 – This event is being held in February, and looks to be even more of a conference than last year.  Bill Malchilsky is an excellent host and organizer.  Held at a ski resort in Vermont, I have no doubt this will be a fun event.

BLUG – http://www.blug.be/ – March 21/22 – Belgium in March.  Need I say more?  I do?  Okay, how about great speakers and fantastic sessions.  Well organized.  Great location.  More?  Okay, CHOCOLATE.

IamLUG – http://iamlug.org/iamlug/IamLug2011.nsf – May 6/7 – I have attended this event every year it’s been held.  This May will be the 4th IamLUG.  I am looking forward to it, just as I do every year.  Another great event, this one is held in a casino!  Well organized, great food, great speakers.  And I’m super excited that they’ve moved the even from August in St. Louis to May in St. Louis!

UKLUG/ILUG – http://uklug.info/ – ILUG and UKLUG aren’t held in the same year, so I’m combining them as one event.  I’ve been to both and they’re both fantastic events.  Just like the others I’ve  mentioned they are well-organized, great events with awesome speakers and sessions and attendees.  They move the event location around, which makes it a great excuse to go and see more of the world!  Dates not yet announced, but last year was in the fall.

As I said, there are way more LUGs than just these, so find one.  Submit an abstract!  Speak!


MTA:  If I didn’t mention a LUG and you think it’s awesome, post it in the comments!

Do You Attend LUG Conferences?

I was just listening to the latest episode of This Week in Lotus and Stuart asked Theo (organizer of BLUG, where I’ll be speaking in a couple of weeks) and Warren (organizer of UKLUG, which I’ll be attending in May) why should people attend LUGs. It made me think that there are lots of people who do NOT attend LUGs and who maybe don’t understand how great LUGs are and it made me wonder why.

I attend them whenever possible. I’ve attended IamLUG (twice), TriStateLUG and ILUG and as already mentioned, will be attending BLUG and UKLUG. They are a fantastic opportunity. The sessions are usually highly technical. They aren’t hidden sales pitches. Most importantly, there are generally just a few hundred attendees. That makes for a great chance to really meet and talk with people. I love Lotusphere, don’t get me wrong, but it’s impossible to talk to everyone that you want to see. LUGs provide smaller groups and more informal gatherings and better chances to talk. Whether it’s with other attendees or with speakers, socializing or getting answers to your technical questions, it’s a lot easier at LUG conferences.

So I ask, if you don’t attend, why not? Too far away (geographically)? Can’t get the time off? Think there’s nothing of value there? I know it isn’t the cost, since most of them are free…I really am interested in your responses, so thanks in advance for your replies.