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Wifi Mifi oh my

I had to turn in my first generation 3G iPad a few weeks ago. Somehow I managed to survive until the new iPad release on March 16th. I had a decision to make, 3G or wifi? Given the growing number of devices my family owns, many of them wifi only (iPod Touches and a PlayBook), I decided to go wifi and get a Mifi. Why pay Apple a monthly fee to only use my iPad? ( yeah yeah mobile hotspot). I got a Virgin mobile Mifi. The really nice thing is that it is pay as you go. So I can pay for Mifi when I want it, and use it for all of my devices and the kids devices and my laptop. In fact, I’m writing this post on my WordPress app on my iPad connected to the Mifi. :-)

The only drawback so far, is GPS. GPS for spot checkins is great, but it won’t work for navigation apps like maps and mapquest.

Overall, very happy with my decision and the setup has been working really well for me.