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Review: Mobile Design Pattern Gallery – UI Patterns for Mobile Applications – OReilly Publishing

Mobile Design Pattern Gallery – UI Patterns for Mobile Applications – 2nd Edition
by Theresa Neil
Publisher: O’Reilly

A device-agnostic look at design patterns.  This well-done book covers the gamut of design patterns and gives thoughtful explanations on what works and what does not work.


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Mobile Design Pattern Gallery, 2nd Edition is not yet available.  The expected publication date is May 22, 2014.

This updated edition is chock full of great design patterns and why they work.  The book says it targets developers and it hits the mark.  Each section of the book covers the full range of the topic.  For example, the Navigation section covers the topics of permanent and transient navigation within mobile applications including navigation patterns like springboards, dashboards, galleries, tab menus, etc.  Side drawers, toggle menus, page swiping, and more are all explained.  Based on title alone, I had to read “Oceans of Buttons” in the anti-patterns chapter.  Just one of the gems in that section is where the author compares an older version of an application to a newer version, where they’ve actually gotten worse.  To quote the author, “now with more buttons!”.

This is a well-written book with tons of examples for mobile design.

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Article: Modern Mobility

Also this month on SocialBizUg.org, an article I wrote, “Modern Mobility”.

In another article this month, I wrote about how small changes can make a big difference in modernizing an application. Modernization can also help your applications make the move to mobile. In general, mobile layouts are small. Tablets and phones just don’t have the same screen real estate as giant double-monitors do. Not only is screen real estate smaller, but the way users interact with mobile devices mean the layout and application need to be streamlined. Users can’t use a mouse to click a thousand different places in order to accomplish a task. They also expect a cleaner, more efficient, look and feel.  Bringing that look to your applications also helps users transition to a mobile version of your app.

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Notes in 9 Mobile Controls, FINALLY

Whew!  I can finally get David Leedy to stop harassing me.  He’s been bugging me for forever to contribute to Notes in 9.  I finally did and then he had the audacity to be busy travelling for work, so this took a little bit to get published. (Just harassing you back, David!)

But here it is!  My Notes in 9 episode on getting started with the extension library mobile controls in XPages.