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NE LUG and Twitter Bootstrap

On Tuesday, I spoke at the NE LUG meeting.  I gave a quick presentation to get started with Twitter Bootstrap (slides on slideshare), and then we continued with a lengthy discussion about using Bootstrap with XPages.  There were a lot of great questions and everyone seemed enthusiastic about trying it out.

So here are the slides (which aren’t much, it was much more about showing what Bootstrap can do, including some live demo and about the discussion, but here you go anway : – ) ).

Speaking at NE LUG – TUESDAY!

With IamLUG this week, next Tuesday has snuck up on me!

I will be speaking at the New England Lotus User Group meeting on Tuesday, May 14th at 6PM in the IBM Innovation Center, Waltham, MA.

I will be discussing Twitter Bootstrap, and this will hopefully be an interactive session.  i.e. we will all speak, I won’t just be speaking AT you.  : – )

For more details, go to http://nelotus.org.

New England Lotus User Group

I am a little late announcing this here, but tomorrow I am speaking with John Head at the New England Lotus User Group meeting, http://www.nelotus.org/

We will be discussing the OpenNTF Mobile Controls.  I’ve yet to get to one of these meetings, so I am looking forward to going and hopefully meeting some new people!