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Sparks Ideas Videos

If you haven’t yet watched this year’s Sparks Ideas videos, I urge you to go check them out.  (If you haven’t watched past years, I urge you to watch those, too!)

This year’s theme was “Things or People That Have Inspired You”.  And not to get all Buzzfeed about it, but “You Won’t Believe What This Woman Said Inspired Her!”.  I hope you’ll watch, and enjoy, my slightly embarrassing, but hopefully inspiring 6-minute talk on what inspired me.

And THANK YOU to the people at IBM ConnectED who came up to me after (and throughout the week) to talk about my topic.  THAT is why we have the sparks session for people to share and connect and learn more about each other and feel inspired.

Here is the blog post and link to this year’s videos:  http://nerdgirlsgroup.com/2015/02/03/sparks-ideas-video-connected-2015/

And here is the link to our Vimeo channel with past years:  http://vimeo.com/channels/sparkideas

Spark Ideas

This year at IBM Connect, I was selected to present a Spark talk.  Inspired by TED talks, the Nerd Girls host these 6-minute inspirational talks.  I spoke about…wait for it…Twitter!  Not just about Twitter, however, but how gave me the confidence to speak at conferences.

Additionally, the Nerd Girls have a channel on Vimeo for the Spark videos.  You can read about it here, or just go to straight to the channel here.


Kathy Brown and How Twitter Helped Share Her Voice | Spark Ideas by the Nerd Girls from Chris Miller on Vimeo.

Spark Ideas at BLUG 2012

I was selected to do a “spark idea” at BLUG this year.  Kicked off at Lotusphere 2012, the Nerd Girls started the Spark Ideas talks.  Short TED-like talks, meant to inspire.  Although given at technical conferences, these talks are frequently have nothing to do with technology.

My talk was titled, “How a New House Made Me a New Woman”.  And here it is, if you’d like to watch:

Spark Ideas BLUG 2012 featuring Kathy Brown

Can You Inspire?

There’s a really cool new session at Lotusphere this year. Femke Goedhart gives us the details over on her blog.  Here’s the gist of it…

Spark Ideas – Brought To You By Nerd Girls
Do you know how some stories can be really inspiring? Stories and ideas that you never heard or thought of before and that really hit you right in the heart? Ideas that spark…..

Can you tell such a story?

Then we are looking for you. We are proud to present the Sparks session. A Lotusphere session brought to you by Nerd Girls where up to 6 people will have a chance to share their awesome experience with the crowd in a short 5-6 min presentation.

Nerd Girls 2012

Lotusphere is just a month and a half away!  I am sure there will be lots of exciting news to come in the next few weeks, but the Nerd Girls are kicking it off early.

Over on the Turtle Partnership blog, Gab announces the second annual Great Geek Challenge!

This was a LOT of fun last year, and I am guessing this year will be even better.  Head on over to Gab’s post and the challenge site and check it out.

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