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Article: Repeat Control 101

From this month’s Notes Dev Tips Newsletter:

When I first started working with XPages, I immediately got the concept of repeat controls and saw some of the potential of what they could do. However, when I tried to actually use repeat controls, I ran into some roadblocks. So this is repeat control 101. If you’ve never used a repeat control, or tried it and it didn’t work right, hopefully this article will help you get going.

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Article: Striped Tables in XPages – Two Methods

The latest Notes Dev Tips Newsletter is out, click the link for the bundle to the intro and the articles.

This month I continued writing about Twitter Bootstrap and Xpages, this time I cover a little CSS.

If you’ve been following along, I’ve written three articles so far demonstrating Twitter Bootstrap with XPages. Today, I will demonstrate the same table format using Bootstrap and also using simple CSS (which could be used with OneUI).

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Article – Typeahead and Tooltips with Twitter Bootstrap

I’ve written my third article on Twitter Bootstrap and XPages over at SocialBizUg.org, Typeahead and Tooltips with Twitter Bootstrap.  Where I cover… well, typeahead and tooltips.  : – )

Note that I’ve just heard that Bootstrap is dropping their typeahead for typeahead.js, but fear not, the information I show in the article is still useful for understanding the different methods of using Bootstrap components in XPages.

Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap Part 1 is here.

And Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap Part 2 is here.


NotesDevTips Newsletter

I last linked you to the August edition of the Notes Dev Tips newsletter.  Well, here are September, October, and November.  Tom and I cover lots of tips and topics, as usual.  Every one of these issues has some XPages-goodness.

As a reminder, we hope you’re following @NotesDevTips on Twitter.  We retweet good tips when we see them, but please feel free to send us a tip and we’ll post it!

Introducing NotesDevTips

Inspired by the session that Tom “Duffbert” Duff and I did at Lotusphere, “The Top Things All New Notes Domino Developers Need To Know”, we have started @NotesDevTips on Twitter.

We will post simple (it has to fit in 140 characters) tips for Lotus Notes Developers. Please follow, retweet and most importantly reply with your tips! We will retweet your tips, so send them in!

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