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My Dear BlackBerry

Blackberry BoldDear BlackBerry,

As you know, I love you, my dear BlackBerry. As was just commented last night, some people wonder if you are actually an additional limb of mine, I am so attached to you.

However, it is time for some tough love now. Many people hate you. I’m sorry you have to hear that, but better from me than someone else. I always try to find out why they hate you. Many many times it is because they have a really old version of you. They haven’t seen how you have grown and changed and evolved. Kept the things that made you great, and added or changed other features to keep you in line with those *other* devices. But because of their older view of you, they are ready to leave you for a new younger, better looking device. I show them my new you, the Bold 9930 to rekindle their love of BlackBerry. Their interest may be piqued.

But then events like today happen. An outage. Out for the last two days in parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. And now, even to me. Here in the US, you have deserted me. I fear that your outage in the US today will send so many straight to the Apple store. And what explanation do you offer? This one? A “sincere apology” and an I’ll get back to you.

You have some great devices, you could be great again. Please fix this soon and stop shooting yourself in the foot. It’s bad enough others will kick you when you’re down, don’t beat them to it.