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Response to Planet Lotus Question

I recently asked if you use Planet Lotus on a blog post, that I shared in several locations.  The response was interesting and varied greatly depending on the location.

Here on my blog, the comments seemed to indicate that yes, you had heard of Planet Lotus, and you used to check it frequently, some of you still do, but many of you have pulled back some and rely more on Twitter for your content.

Over on one LinkedIn group I am in the response was mostly positive.  The responders there check it daily or weekly.  (Of course, it wasn’t unanimous, but I am “rounding up” the numbers in this very unscientific analysis).

Yet in a different LinkedIn group that I posted to response was “sporadic” with a shout out to Stack Overflow as a preferred source.

Sometimes I feel bad when I cross-populate with content, but based on these results, it seems like I need to since there is no single “go to” place for content.

Thanks to everyone who responded!

Do You Use Planet Lotus?

While speedsponsoring at IamLUG last week, we decided to ask attendees if they had heard of Planet Lotus, and if so, do they check it regularly.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few attendees that had never heard of Planet Lotus.  There were also a few that had heard of it, but never visit the site.  Now that wouldn’t surprise me as much as a conference like Connect, where a lot of people know about the conference via their IBM sales person, or IBM’s site.  It DOES surprise me at a LUG, where I think (I have no actual knowledge on this, it is just a gut feeling) most attendees learn of LUGs via speakers and sponsors, who they probably follow on their blogs or Twitter or Planet Lotus.

So not that the people who read my blog are representative of who would be at a LUG, but… how many of you do NOT know what Planet Lotus is?  Or if you do know, but never go there… please reply in the comments.  Thanks.

And just to explain, Planet Lotus is a blog aggregator for (at current count) 329 blogs that cover Lotus (IBM)-related content.  Sometimes some of us cover other stuff (like me), but that’s the basis for inclusion on the site.  http://planetlotus.org/  What that means for you is loads and loads of free content.  329 blogs-worth of people putting out free tips, how-tos, etc.