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IBM Champion

I am once again pleased to say that I have been selected as an IBM Champion.  Congratulations to all of this year’s Champions, but a special congrats to the first-timers!  It’s exciting to see new people taking part in the community and being recognized for it!

IBM Champions 2016




Press Releases and Free Consulting

I’m fairly sure this is the first time my name has ever been mentioned in a press release.  I’m glad it was for a good reason.  : – )  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/12/prweb12411402.htm

In the middle of the release is the announcement that PSC is going to give away a free week of consulting from one of our five IBM Champions.

Click here to enter.

PSC is proud to have five people selected as IBM ICS Champions for 2015. This is the second year in a row that PSC has the most ICS Champions of any organization worldwide. In celebration of this achievement, PSC is offering the opportunity to win a free week of consulting (40 hours), including travel costs, from one of our IBM Champions.

Article: Failed Validation Fail

My validation was supposed to fail, but it wasn’t, so my fail validation failed, right?  A tough bug to figure out, but I eventually got there.  Read my article on SocialBizUg.org to see what happened.

I had an XPage application with pretty simple validation on the page. When the user didn’t enter a value, validation fired and an error message was displayed except on one particular field.

The setup:

The XPage application setting has turned off client side validation, in order to display error messages on the page. The page uses the Form Table and Form Layout Row controls from the extension library with simple edit boxes for fields. We want to display individual error messages for each field, so the “disableErrorSummary” property on the Form Table control is set to false.

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Article: What Does This Do – Design Definition

In this month’s “What Does This Do?”, I cover the Design Definition.

See the video…

Article: IBM Connect! It’s Here It’s Here

It’s January, and that means Connect!  Check out my article in SocialBizUg.org on the latest for Connect.

Here is the official site, with lots of new things happening.

Here is the agenda.

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has been announced as speaking at Connect on Tuesday.  He will be speaking at the 8AM Opening General Session.  It looks like this year, there will be an Opening General Session on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  (Is it still “Opening” if it’s in the middle of the conference?).

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