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I, like many people, sit at a desk all day.  I try my best to sit “properly” and not cause myself injury just by doing my job.  You can see in this image (courtesy of the Tuscon Unified School District) what is considered ergonomically correct for sitting at a desk.  90 degree angle in the arm, 90 degree angle in the legs.  Forearm and thigh parallel to the floor.

Ergonomic desk positioning

Ergonomic desk positioning

That’s fantastic, except for one thing.  I have a freakishly short torso.  Nature gave me all leg and no body.  So if we were to make me into a crash test dummy like in the image above, my forearm is TOUCHING my thigh.  No room for a keyboard.  So no desk EVER has been ergonomically correct for me, no matter how many keyboard trays or heightened monitors or footstools I try.

So, what to do?  I decided to try a standing desk.  However I never want to *try* anything for several hundred dollars, which is what a lot of the standing desks cost.  Then I found this link to instructions for a $22 standing desk.  For $22 I could try it and if I hated it, no big deal.  The beautiful part of this is that I can just take it off my desk if I don’t feel like using it.

However, IKEA is about 1.5 hours drive from here.  And I’m lazy.  So.  I rolled my own.

Room Essentials Side Accent Table from Target: $14.49
Brackets and screw from Home Depot:  $4.32
Weekly Wipe Board used for shelf: $15.99

Total: $34.80

I think that’s worth saving a three-hour roundtrip drive to IKEA.


Stand up desk supplies

Step 1.  Assemble the table.  In my case, that meant screwing the four legs onto the table top.

Assembled table

Step 2.  Measure your table on top of your desk to determine where the shelf brackets should go.  Keep in mind the depth of your shelf/tray.

Step 3.  Screw the brackets onto the table legs.  A couple of notes here.  You may want to drill a small pilot hole for the screws.  If possible with your brackets, avoid being flush up against any of the edges of the legs.

Drilling the pilot hole

Drilling the pilot hole

Step 4.  Attach the brackets.

Step 5.  Attach the tray.  I used a wide and short wipe board, so it was really light-weight and it came with sticky things to attach it to the wall.  I used the sticky things to attach it to my brackets.  Will this withstand a hurricane?  No.  Will it work for a stand up desk?  Yes.

Attach brackets and tray

Attach brackets and tray

Step 6.  Stand back and admire your work.  You’re done.

So I went from this…

Normal sitting desk

To this…

Standing Desk

And can easily go back to sitting within a couple of minutes.  I forgot to note the time for just the desk, but it took me two hours from start of the desk to finishing this blog post.