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Thinking About Quitting The Streak

So as many of you know, I’ve been running every day.  I have run every single day since June 1, 2009.  I started the streak as a way to motivate myself to run more.  I would run into weeks where I hadn’t run all week, saying “I’ll run tomorrow”.  The streak eliminated that, tomorrow was not an option.  I had to run today.  And it was great, and it worked.

[Disclaimer:  PLEASE do not respond to this post about how running is bad for me, or how running every day is bad for me.  I know how it affects me physically and I have had zero running-related issues over the last 3 1/2 years.  THAT is not the issue here.]

The problem is now that I feel like the streak rules me, rather than me ruling the streak.  It doesn’t feel motivating, it feels like a chore.  Running has lost it’s fun for me.  And I don’t run nearly the distances that I used to.  Not because I can’t, but because I don’t want to.

So I’m thinking of quitting the streak.

But there is a lot of emotion tied up in that simple sentence.  Running every day for 3 1/2 years has become a part of me.  Part of who I am, part of my identity.  It isn’t a decision I can make lightly.  As goofy as that may seem to some of you.  I know I’m close to ready.  There were times during the streak when circumstances looked like I might not get my run in and I was heartbroken.  I don’t feel that now.  Maybe just sadness and relief.

I haven’t decided anything at this point.  I’ll still run today.  And definitely tomorrow (to work off that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie).  But after that?  Not sure.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful to all of my awesome friends who supported my running habit.  Those of you who said “not on my watch!”.  Thank you.