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Calling All Nerd Girls

I will be speaking at The View’s Developer2010 conference in a couple of weeks. At the conference (co-located with Admin2010), we will be having a Nerd Girls Birds-of-a-Feather on Thursday from 12-12:45. Similar sessions and BOFs were at Lotusphere this year, and last year. At this year’s Lotusphere we had buttons that were very popular (we actually ran out of them!) and will have them here as well. The buttons are sponsored by Simplified Technology Solutions.

In addition to lively discussion and networking, we will have laptops available so Nerd Girls can join our LinkedIn group and Nerd Girls skype chat.

The Nerd Girl discussions are always interesting and informative, so we hope you will join us!

And yes! Men are welcome to attend the session.

My Session Abstracts from Developer2010

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be speaking at the View’s Developer2010 conference in May.

Here are the abstracts for the two sessions I will be presenting:

The top things all Notes developers need to know

Fill in the gaps in your development knowledge with valuable tips and best practice advice to polish your techniques and skills. Get coding best practices on commenting and learn how to find the new comment templates in Domino Designer 8.5.1. Find out why understanding your business requirements is crucial to a solid application architecture and learn the questions to ask yourself to ensure your application design meets the needs of your company. Learn how simple error handling can be, how to leverage DXL to view data and design elements in an XML format, and the many things to look for when you’re performance tuning. Hear real-world examples of what happens when people don’t follow this advice. Get even more tips and tricks on designing user interfaces, low fidelity prototyping, documentation, security (including Reader fields), and much more!

Fantastic feats with @Formula!

Many times @Formula is the forgotten language of Lotus Notes and Domino development, but it can often do the same thing as LotusScript faster and in fewer lines of code. Learn what fantastic feats you can achieve with @Formula including using the many variations and flavors of @Text for formatting and how you can cut many lines of code down to just a few lines using @Sort. Compare and contrast @Formula with LotusScript to see where it is provides faster and easier solutions as well as some places where it doesn’t. Find out how to use often overlooked @Formula like @Transform to concatenate a list and perform text and mathematical calculations. See which @Formula commands you can use in XPages and the differences between using those commands in the client and on XPages.

I hope to see you there!

Speaking Again

I am going to be speaking again (I guess Tom Duff didn’t traumatize me that much). This time I’ll be speaking at the View’s Developer 2010 conference in Boston, May 12-14.

Details on the sessions to follow, right now I’m working hard on slides!

It’s Official! I’m Published!

It is officially official. My article has been published on The View’s website. Yes, I am a dork and I am very excited about my very first article getting published. The site does require a subscription, so if you don’t have one, go get one! My article is totally worth it!

It is titled “Input Validation and Translation Formulas – The Paring Knives of Lotus Notes Application Development”. (Running readers, I know you are SO disappointed you don’t have a subscription!)

Anyway, check it out! Hopefully more to come in the future! Feel free to drop me a line if you read it!

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