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Essential Geek Travel Gadgets

I’ve written about some Geek Gadgets here before (under the tag “Gadget Glee”, but after a recent Twitter conversation about what to bring to Lotusphere, I’ve decided to round up all the travel gadgets in one post.

My number one favorite and essential geek travel gadget is a portable charger.  I wrote about this one in particular, but I also have this one:

That’s the FatCat charger (and yes that is an Amazon affiliate link), which seems to charge a little more than the first one.  But hey, I have both.  :-)

Next on my list is the USB Squid from ThinkGeek.com.  Rather than some “block” type USB hubs, it allows for flexibility if you’ve got some stuff to plug in that’s bigger than the “usual” plug.




Up next is the Monster Outlets To Go power strip.  Nice and small, with outlets that are spaced out for those big charging blocks.


I love my Grid-It from Cocoon.  Perfect for organizing all of these gadgets!





If you’re presenting anywhere, then I really like the Kensington Wireless Remote, which works great on my Mac (and fabulous at entertaining cats, ooh laser!)

Unfortunately, I can’t share my latest essential geek travel gadget as I’m giving a few away as gifts at Lotusphere.  :-)   But I’ll be sure to post when I’m back.  So what are YOUR essential geek travel gadgets?

MTA:  I own all of these gadgets paid for by my own money.  I recommend them purely because they are awesome, not because someone paid me to.  I get nothing at all for telling you that they are awesome.  Unless you buy them through my affiliate link on Amazon, for which I will receive some tiny little teeny percentage, which you can read about at the Amazon affiliate site.