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What’s New In Domino Designer 9 – REPLAY

In case you missed the webcast yesterday, the replay is now available.  Paul Calhoun and I discuss what is new in Domino Designer 9…


Webcast on What’s New in Designer 9

On Thursday, April 11 at 10AM Central time, I will be participating in a webcast with Paul Calhoun and Chris Miller to discuss What’s New in Domino Designer 9. This is a live event (which is also recorded), so bring your questions and comments!

One quick note, the registration is two-part, make sure you do both parts before the webcast!

Click here to start the registration.

Calling all Admins AND Devs

If you are both an admin and a dev and you missed my session with Jess Stratton at Lotusphere, go register for the webinar:

Collaboration, Party of One : When You Are Both the Dev and the Admin

When your administrator and your developer are one and the same, and they’re both you, things can get confusing. As the administrator, you’ve got a lot of power. Frequently, the role of administrator is to lock things down, keep the server running smoothly and tune performance. As the developer, you want a lot of power. You want unlimited agents to run anytime you want, as frequently as possible, with little to no limitations! So how do you reconcile these opposing needs when you have to play both roles? Jess and Kathy will show you how to use separate IDs, location documents and other fail-safes to make sure your party of one is successful!

Go here and register, then keep your eyes open for the email to register on gotomeeting.  (Sorry for the double registration, it’s just how it works, don’t shoot the messenger).


What’s New in 8.5.3 Notes And Domino

I took part in “What’s New in 8.5.3 Notes, Domino, Traveler & IBM XWork Server” over at Consultant In Your Pocket with Chris Miller. Listen in to hear what’s new. You can sleep through the first half if you’re a developer.

BlackBerry Today – Episode 9 – Get Bold!

Episode 9 of BlackBerry Today is now out. The title of the episode is “Get Bold!”, those of you who read this blog because of the Lotus Notes association may get that little joke. Of course, we’re talking about the BlackBerry Bold 9930!

We have a special announcement, over on the Facebook page for Spiked Studios

For those of you who asked me why Chris has the professional looking microphone and I don’t, I finally have one. Of course, the settings need to be played with, since I sound a bit faint. Those of you who know me personally, will find it hard to believe that I am NOT the loud one in this episode.

BlackBerry Today Logo

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