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BlackBerry Episode 8 – Director's Cut

Episode 8 of BlackBerry Today is now out. The title of the episode is “It’s Magical”, but I’m calling this the Director’s cut, since SOMEONE was supposed to edit out certain parts and instead left them in. Enjoy my embarrassment.

In addition to that, we also cover the usual tips and apps, and a short piece with Paul Steel, of Research in Motion.

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BlackBerry Today – Episodes 4 and 5

It seems I forgot to blog when Episode 4 was published, so I mention it now when I say that Episode 5 is out!

Of course, if you subscribe to the feed, you don’t have to rely on my potentially spotty blogging.

Go check it out! In Episode 5 of BlackBerry Today we (as usual) have apps, tips and news, but also a quick chat with Jennifer Stevenson from Research In Motion, who gives us a great tip of her own.

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I Admit It – I Was Wrong

I admit it. I was wrong. There I said it.

Episode 4 of BlackBerry Today is now out. In this episode, among our tips and apps and news, I make a small retraction. *hangs head in shame*

In other news, there is now a non-HD version of BlackBerry Today available via feed or in iTunes. So look that up and subscribe if you need the SD to play on devices that require it. (This one plays on your iPad).

Thanks again for watching the show!


BlackBerry Today – Episode 3

BlackBerry Today Episode 3 is out! We cover announcements from the BlackBerry World keynote and announcements from before the conference, all condensed into less than 40 minutes! Plus, as always, application recommendations and tips!

Head on over for Episode 3

Also, currently the podcast is only on the BlackBerry Podcast app for the PlayBook, shortly it should be appearing in the BlackBerry Podcast app for BlackBerrys as well.

Lastly, we will likely (soon) have two feeds for iTunes, the current one which is HD and another which will be SD.

Thanks for watching!


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Episode 2 – BlackBerry Today

Episode 2 of BlackBerry Today is out!

We discuss the PlayBook launch, a camera app for the BlackBerry and an app to make you smile.


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Don’t forget to follow the show on Twitter, @BBerryToday.

Available in HD, subscribe to the feed, or in the BlackBerry Podcasts app, and on iTunes!

Also coming soon, a “lower def” version for those devices that require it.

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