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BlackBerry Today

I am very excited to announce the launch of BlackBerry Today, a new show from Spiked Studio Productions.


The hosts of the show will discuss the latest news in BlackBerry, favorite applications, tips and of course, various devices like the new BlackBerry PlayBook.

Oh, and did I mention *I* am one of the hosts? Please check us out and let us know what you think. You can follow the show on Twitter, @BBerryToday.

Available in HD, subscribe to the feed, or in the BlackBerry Podcasts app, and on iTunes and stay tuned for more episodes!

IdoSphere Coming Up!

In case you missed my post before Lotusphere, I’ll be speaking at IdoSphere next week. It’s a two-day VIRTUAL event. Two days of sessions not seen at Lotusphere. And in case I wasn’t clear last time, the event is only $35 for the entire event! All sessions are being recorded for later viewing as well. And if you use this special link, and the code IDS2011KB, you can save 10%. I believe the agenda and abstracts are going up soon, if they aren’t already, go to http://idosphere.com to check it out.

Speaking at IdoSphere

Shortly after Lotusphere, I’ll be speaking at IdoSphere. Well, not “at” IdoSphere, since it’s a webcast, but you get the idea. The registration is currently only $35, but if you use This Link and the code IDS2011KB, you can save 10%! Hope to “see” you there!

Learning to Run – Xpages for Lotus Notes Client Developers

You’re an experienced Lotus Notes developer. You’ve been doing “classic” development for years. You know LotusScript better than your native language. You know @Formula like the back of your hand. But when it comes to Xpages and Javascript, you feel like you’re learning to walk all over again. This session will cover some tips and tricks to get you up and running in Xpages. Learn how to translate what you already know, into what you need to know for Xpages. Find out where to get the information you need to be just as skillful at Xpages as you are with Notes client development.

Going Beyond Deploy and Pray

We interrupt the Nerd Girl Run retelling for this exciting announcement!

I am pleased to announce I am presenting another webcast for Consultant in Your Pocket. This Wednesday at 10 AM CENTRAL. Also, there will be a giveaway! Check out Chris Miller’s blog for details.

Register here.

Thanks to Lotus and Domino’s rapid application development platform, many developers find themselves in a deploy-and-pray application release cycle. That can be fine for simple applications in uncomplicated environments, but what happens when the feature requests get more and more complex? Come hear about different techniques for managing Lotus and Domino application deployment and how to get beyond deploy-and-pray!

Developer Tips EVERY Lotus Dev Should Know

Tom and I are at it again! We’ll be presenting together on a webinar in the Developer Series over at Consultant in Your Pocket. We’re going to try and cram two hours of content into one hour, should be fun! Oh and did I mention the webinar is FREE?! Following is the abstract. We hope you can join us!

Developer Tips EVERY Dev Should Know

Ever wish you had a list of all the top mistakes to avoid when developing for Domino? What about all the tips you need to know to create successful applications? Join Tom and Kathy as they show what EVERY Domino developer needs to know. They’ll explain what you need to know and why you need to know it. They’ll also share how they learned some of these tips the hard way, so you don’t have to!

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