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IBM ConnectED 2015

Many people have looked into their crystal balls and tried to guess what would become of Lotusphere, errr, IBM Connect, for 2015.  While full details are not yet out, we do have a new landing page to see.  As well as a new name, again.  Sort of.

UPDATE: Registration is now open!

Did You See These?

Often we go about our lives, and we don’t notice when new things appear. Take for example, Content Types on a Computed Field. Did you notice when several new content types appeared? Did you even know there are different content types? Well, there are. As of Notes 9, there are seven content types to choose from on a computed field.

While Trying To Make Things Easier, Sometimes We Make Things More Difficult

I really like jQuery. I like it because it often makes my life (as a Developer) a lot easier. Many times I think to myself, “I just want to do XYZ”, I Google “jQuery and XYZ” and BOOM!  I find exactly the code I need and I’m done.  As a result, I tend toward using jQuery more often than not. However, sometimes, while trying to make your life easier, you make things more difficult.

Do You Hate Dates?

I hate dates. I hate them. Not the kind where you buy dinner and see a movie, but the kind that have a year, a month, and a day. The kind that you have to generate in almost every workflow application ever created.

Review: Hands On Sencha Touch 2

Hands-On Sencha Touch 2
By: Lee Boonstra
O’Reilly Publishing

Right off the bat, I like the comparison to Sencha Touch versus jQuery Mobile, Appcelerator Titanium, and Kendo UI Mobile.  (Although a bit biased, perhaps, as the author is employed by Sencha, but still useful).  The book targets beginner to intermediate programmers, experienced with JavaScript, JSON, CSS3, and HTML5.


  1. Introduction to Sencha Touch
  2. Installation
  3. The Fundamentals
  4. The Class System
  5. The Layout System
  6. Structured Code
  7. Data Models
  8. Remote Connections (Server Proxies)
  9. Data Stores
  10. Offline Storage (Client Proxies)
  11. View Components
  12. Forms
  13. Themes and Styles
  14. Builds

“With the Sencha Touch framework, developers can create native-like mobile app experiences by building an HTML5 web application.”  Using the “FindACab” application, this book seeks to help you do just that.  While possibly necessary to know, the mention of Sencha products feels a bit heavy-handed.

I appreciate the Installation chapter, as all too often instructions or demos just assume you have every IDE and software installed.  Not only does the author list what you will need, but also how to install it, as well as some pitfalls along the way.

This is a well thought out book that hits the target of beginner to intermediate programmers.  Lots of sample code is included in the book, as well as downloadable code for the reader’s use.

Obtained From: Publisher
Payment: Free

Race Report: What?!

That’s right.  It’s a race report.  My last report was for my disappointing marathon in 2010.  My last actual race was a 10k in June…of 2011.  Over three years ago.

Last week, I ran in the Yankee Homecoming 5k.  I just re-started running again recently.  Recently == June.  I knew I could finis, but I knew I wouldn’t be fast.  I had no expectations other than just running.  Not a lot to report on the race itself.  Official race time: 31:15.  I came in smack in the middle of other runners and smack in the middle of my gender/age range.  As I ran, I remembered something.  I like running races.  I want to run more races.  Which is good since I signed up for a half marathon in October.

I’m now done with Week 1 of training for the half.  As one tends toward optimism in Week 1, I’m feeling good.  I’m maybe even feeling like I could beat my half marathon PR, but more importantly, I want to get in under two hours.  What did she just say?  That’s right, you heard me.  I just ran a SHORT race with a 10:04 pace and I’m somehow thinking I’m going to run a half marathon with a 9:05 pace in 11 weeks.  Clearly, I’m writing this on a runner’s high or something.


IBM Champion!

So many of the IBM Champions have received their “swag” kits.  As a repeat offender, errr, Champion, I felt I had a bit of experience on my side when selecting my swag.  Last year’s jacket only came in Men’s sizes.  Figuring I’d rather have a jacket too big, than a jacket too small, I ordered an XL, which was as you can imagine EXTRA LARGE.  So this year, we had women’s sizes to choose from.  I selected TWO jackets in TWO sizes, figuring I would at least end up with one jacket that fit.  I ordered an XL in Black, and an L in Blue.  However, I didn’t realize the two colors are actually two different manufacturers.  Therefore the sizing difference seems to be much more than one would expect from just a single size difference.  No matter, I am quite happy with both!  And to be an IBM Champion!

IBM Champion Jacket 1

IBM Champion Jacket 2

Video Review: Build a Strong Angular JS Foundation

Build a Strong AngularJS Foundation
by Lukas Ruebbelke and Matias Niemala
O’Reilly Media

This video series has nearly three hours of content broken into six modules. Each module is broken into smaller video chunks. Generally each video is one to three minutes long, although a few are around the ten minute mark.  Exercise files and a sample application are included for download with the videos.

Module 1: Hello AngularJS

Module 2: Module

Module 3: Controller

Module 4: View

Module 5: Services

Module 6: Directives

You can either stream or download the videos.  The cost of the entire series is $59.99.  If you are a visual learner or prefer to learn from videos, this would be the way to do it.  The videos take you from understanding the history of Angular and what it is, to how to use it.  The presenters aren’t exactly the most polished, but they explain the concepts and code in a clear manner.  With code examples and a full application to download along with the videos, this series should give you a solid basic understanding of Angular.



Obtained From: Publisher
Payment: Free

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